Where does it all go?

We get so busy and then stop one day and ask “Where does it all go?  All the time?  All the effort? ”

I had to ask that question today as I realized that I have not posted to this site in FOREVER!

My apologies to those of you who have read, commented, and/or followed my blog.

So let me tell you a bit about what has happened.

First of all, I wrote a book!  And published it on Amazon Kindle!  So whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks didn’t know about ALL old dogs!  Want proof?  Click here to see a preview.   The book is called Murphy’s Law and is about a rather despicable man who suddenly gets a fabulous gift, then has to decide how he will use it.  Quick read, only 120 pages, but for 0.99 cents it’s cheap entertainment, right?

So while the mission of writing the book was accomplished, the mission of becoming completely independent still continues.

I do consider this a major step towards the reinvention of me because I had to learn a lot of things along the way to get the book written and published and marketed (which it needs more of).  Small steps forward gets us there.

That’s a partial update for now.

What about you?  What have your steps forward been?  Keep on Trucking!  (If you are over 50, you probably remember that one!  If not, click here). Let me know below and thanks for listening.

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