We are not alone!

What is your Roadblock?

Do you set up roadblocks?

I know….it sounds like an ad for a movie about aliens.  But no, this post is more about something we know all too well….ourselves.

I have been absent from my blog for a while.  The reason is because I have decided to focus every minute of writing time to my other creative efforts, mainly a story I’ve been writing.

But as often happens, I run into roadblocks.  Self-imposed roadblocks.  Sure I’m busy with a lot of other stuff….a family, a demanding job, and all the ‘stuff’ that goes with that.

Yet I find that I have time to do other, completely unnecessary things.  Things like watch television, or kill time on the Internet, checking emails, or looking for that one ‘magic bullet’ that will make this writing thing easy  (rather than just accepting that writing is not easy, and is not ever going to be easy).

So in my ‘browsing’ I saw a blog post written by someone who seems to understand this pretty well.  His name is Jeff Goins, and he is a writer too.  I read his post which is at http://goinswriter.com/pain-creativity/.

The post helped me to understand that I am not alone in this ‘roadblock’ dilemma.  There are others….many others….who share in this phenomena.  And just know that We Are Not Alone helps.

Now back to my book…..good luck to you on your journey….you are not alone.

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