Report Card

On this page I plan to give you a report card of what my progress has been.  I plan to update this about the 10th of the month and let you know exactly what progress I have made. I will also lay out the goals for the next month so we can know what to expect next.

I will also let you know what I’ve learned along the way during the month and hopefully provide you some shortcuts on your own journey….sort of learning from my mistakes so you don’t go there.


Report Card for May 2014

I published a book!

See it here.

Report Card for September 10th


  • Determined which websites would be established and in what order
  • Established additional website by buying domain name and setting up WordPress web site.  This site is not ready for viewing yet.  My next goal is to add content that is meaningful and relevant by the end of this month, then begin getting it out to public view.
  • Have bought domain name for next website, but have not established it yet.  Goal is to do so by end of this month.
  • Spent a lot of time educating myself on the specifics of copywriting practices.

Planned for Completion for October Report Card

  • Write
  • Write
  • Write

I want to have the fiction I am working on now as a completed first draft by the end of October.  I also want to have one blog post per week done.  I want to have the content for the two sites mentioned above done and regular posts done on them as well.

What I have learned this month

  • Keeping up requires so much dicipline.  Having a full time job and doing this in my ‘spare’ time is really t0ugh.
  • I still have many distractions….it’s easier to read someone else’s blog and convince myself that I am using my time wisely because I’m learning from them, than to just do it.

Report Card of August 10th


  • Established website on July 10th.
  • Published several blogs during the month including the one today.
  • Spent an enormous amount of time learning the ins and outs of Word Press, search engines, page rankings; resources used included websites, webinars, books and articles, and lots of pod casts.

Planned for Completion for September Report Card

  • Focus more!
  • Determine which project will come first.
  • Establish website for that project along with social media components.
  • Complete this project!

What I have learned this month

  • It is easy to get distracted with way too much information.  Success will only be achieved through focused, concentrated effort.
  • Okay to learn new things, but why learn about search engine optimization when I haven’t even decided which project will be done first, or what the website will look like???
  • Best advice?  Don’t wait until ‘It’s Perfect’.  There will always be obstacles to overcome.  Just keep moving forward until you get it.  In other words, “Fail Forward” as explained in the book by John Maxwell.


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