My Vision

Dear Reader,

This is My Vision.  This is what I call on to provide me direction.  In my mind, this is a reality.  I am channeling all the energy I can to make this a reality NOW.  It will happen.  I share it with you, not for my benefit, but perhaps to inspire you to create your own vision.


My Vision


I am in a room, which is a small annex off my master bedroom on the second floor.  This is my writing space.  I am seated in front of a nice keyboard, with a big screen monitor.  The surface of my writing space is a glass table top supported by ‘legs’ made of driftwood that I have gathered from my walks on the beach, and a skilled craftsman has used to make my ‘desk’.  The glass is thick and has a sea green look to it.  The surface is clean, and free from clutter, although there are some family pictures on it, and as always a notepad and pens for those spur of the moment ideas I need to jot down.

I am seated in a comfortable chair that supports me well, and is on wheels so I can move around the space as I need to.  It also rocks for those moments when I need to reflect on what I am doing.  I have always loved to rock.

The walls of the room are a rich, blue-gray color.  The wood trim around the windows, the baseboards, crown molding, etc. are all painted a high gloss, bright white that contrasts against the color of the walls beautifully.  Everything has the look of clean, simple, elegance.  Very cheerful, very bright. Lot’s of natural light comes into the workspace from the windows.  The floors are wood, finished in a light brown, but there are beautiful area rugs to protect the surface, yet still allow the floors to show around the edges.  On every available wall are bookshelves with lots and lots of great books.  Most are there because I read them and they inspired me.  Many are there because I wrote them.  Some are there waiting to be read.

A cool breeze is blowing in from the windows.  I can smell the sea breeze.  The breeze is also carrying something else into the room.  Sounds.  Not just any sound, but sounds that warm my heart and make me smile, because they are the sounds of children’s laughter….unrestrained, belly laughs of pure joy.  The sounds come from my grandchildren who are playing with other family members (and of course the family pets) on the beach below.

I glance up from my monitor to survey the scene below.  I can see them all out there; my wife, my children and their spouses; my grandchildren.  They are laughing, playing in the waves, building sand castles, lounging in chairs and reading or listening to music.  There is no doubt they are having the time of their lives, playing and laughing and enjoying it all with the knowledge that they are safe and secure.  It is a private beach after all.  The water is crystal clear and blue.  The beach is pure white sand.  One would think such a scene would be the product of Photoshop, because it is beautiful beyond imagination.  There are palm trees with hammocks between them;  refreshment areas where the kids can help themselves to all the healthy snacks they want; a stack of driftwood set up for the bonfire for later tonight.  In the distance, large pleasure boats and (further out), ocean liners are plying the waters.

My gaze returns to my monitor and I finish typing a paragraph to a novel I have just written.  I get great pleasure knowing that this paragraph so perfectly wraps up the novel, answers all the questions, and gives the reader such a feeling of satisfaction….yet keeps the door completely open for a sequel that they can barely wait for.  I smile as I type “The End”.

Before I shut off the computer, I quickly check my emails.  There are lots of offers for additional work (at prices that I can barely believe)…so much work that for a moment I wonder how I will ever get to it all.  But I know I will, because I always have. I know that the work will never end until I want it to.  My services as a web-writer and author are in constant demand.  I also see requests for speaking engagements which I do for free because what I have done has provided me more wealth than I could ever consume, and I freely share how I did with anyone who has a desire to listen.  I wish them as much success as I have been given…more if that’s their desire.  I confirm the dates.  It looks like I will be seeing some interesting parts of the world.

I look down at what my ‘work clothes’….a comfortable pair of light weight, off white linen shorts and an equally comfortable shirt that feels light and silky on my skin.  As always I’m barefooted, although my ultra-comfortable sandals are not far.

I shut down the computer, put on those sandals and prepare to join my family on the beach.  I glance around the room and out the window once more and am overwhelmed by how blessed I am.

I close my eyes and offer a brief prayer of thanksgiving to God for what He has done for me.  I smile and my heart is full.  I begin to walk out and another idea comes to me for another book, article, or blog.  I quickly jot it down on the notebook on the desk, and then join the gang for some fun.


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