Getting stuck

September 17, 2012

Okay, I admit it.  I sort of got stuck over the past couple of weeks.  As much as I talk about this in the previous posts, sometimes life just does get in the way of your best plans.  There are always the self doubts, the wondering where things are going, and the excuses one can put out there….but that little voice deep inside says “C’mon….you know better!”

I have made progress on some fronts though.  I have created two new sites that are a part of my ‘plan’ for reaching my goal and achieving my vision.  Of course, now I will be very busy creating content for those sites as well.  However, I am dedicated to keeping this site alive, breathing, and healthy and ensuring that it provides updates on the Journey.

I once knew a real estate broker who taught me a lot of things about the industry.  But one thing she said has always stuck with me.  Her words were “Activity breeds activity”.  In her world this meant that if an agent held an open house, published an ad, took other Realtors through a property, and just did SOMETHING for that property, sales activity would be generated.  That advice is as true today as it was then, and it applys to business of any kind.

Complacency is a killer.  The anti-dote is activity.  Just do something!

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