Embracing (not resisting) Change

August 6, 2012


I heard a pretty incredible statistic yesterday.  The number of Worldwide Internet users has doubled in the last five years, adding another 1.12 billion people.  The current total now stands at 2.27 billion.  Do you want to know something even more amazing than that?  Some people believe that in the next five years the number of NEW users on the web will be 3 billion.  That means that the number of new users alone will exceed the number of people on the Web now!

So what does that mean to you and me?  It means that if we have decided to use the Web as a path to reinventing ourselves, then there is no better time to be busy getting this done.  There is a huge market on the way, and we should be ready for it. What a change in the market that will be!

No one knows better than our generation what change looks like.  I remember visiting with my Grandmother on many occasions and listening as she told me stories about when she first saw what electricity could do; or the first time she saw an automobile.  She would often remark about how her world had changed.  I can only imagine what my Grandchildren will think when I tell them about the first time I sent someone an ‘email’, or played that fascinating video game called “Pong”!

Yet with all the change we have seen, it is still sometimes hard for us to embrace change.  It seems the older we get, the harder it is.  I can think about the times that there was a change in management or company policy or whatever, and I did not like it.  Rather than embrace it, I would resist it.

It was especially hard for me to ‘embrace change’ on those occasions (and there were several) when I was told that my job had been eliminated.  Very hard to see the opportunity in that!  Sometimes we have to look very hard to find that opportunity, but look we MUST because it is there.

Here is my example.  A few years ago I was working with a small environmental company that was poorly managed.  This company made a lot of money after hurricane Katrina, dealing with some of the environmental issues created by this devastating storm on the Gulf Coast.  The company then succeeded in spending this money uselessly, and did no subsequent marketing whatsoever, putting it into a very cash poor situation.  Consequently, the bad economy chewed this company up, and my job was eliminated.

I was unemployed for several months.  I spent a lot of time on the internet, looking for another job, and noticed that there were many opportunities for businesses that used the internet as a basis for marketing services and products to consumers.  Of course, some of these were bogus, but many were very legitimate.  I learned a lot about how these businesses worked.  About the time I had gained enough knowledge to start some of these businesses, I found another job.  When I did, I put all the knowledge and ideas I had gained on the back burner, and did not pursue them.  What I should have done was move forward with that course of action and get some of those businesses started.  Think of how far ahead of the game I would be now.  It was an opportunity to embrace change, and be years ahead in the internet marketing game, but I missed it.

Again, I am not ‘crying over spilled milk’, here.  I am using this as a real example of what could have been accomplished.

Now I am plowing full steam ahead with internet marketing (more specifically of my books, articles, etc.), but had I seized the opportunity to get involved with internet marketing several years ago, I would have reached my goal of ‘me calling the shots’ much sooner.

We have to learn to embrace change and seize the opportunities this change brings to us.

Take time to examine your life.  Seriously consider what opportunities are being presented to you right now because of changes going on?  What opportunities are there in changing markets like the housing market? Political climate? Electronics, like e-readers? Population shifts?

Bring it closer to home.  What changes are happening in your own town, neighborhood, or even family that might present an opportunity that you need to embrace?  What is your plan for seizing that opportunity?  Are your prepared?  What do you need to read, learn, and ask to be ready?  If you need help with some of that, check out some of the resources I have listed here.  But don’t do it until you have answered the questions posed in the last two paragraphs!

Best wishes on your journey, and keep me posted.

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  • Chelsey says:

    This is so true! Thanks for putting a positive spin on what could be viewed as strictly negative! You have inspired me to start looking for “opportunities” in every situation!

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