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What is your Legacy going to be?

October 27, 2912

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I often listen to a Podcast done by Michael Hyatt.  You can get to his website by clicking here, and subscribe to his Podcasts, or go through iTunes.  Search on Podcasts for “This is Your Life” or Michael Hyatt and you should get to it.

At the beginning and end of each Podcast, he plays a snippet of a song.  The words are “This is your life.  Are you who you want to be?”  I have heard enough of these Podcasts that the song gets ‘stuck in my head’.

The point is that the song asks a really critical question.  Are you who you want to be?

I’ve posted My Vision elsewhere on this website. (Click here if you haven’t seen it.)  That IS who I want to be, and I often ‘go there’ when I need some inspiration to get more writing done, or work a little harder on websites.  So a part of answering that question is in your vision of who you want to be.

But it goes deeper than that doesn’t it.  The foundation of our visions of who we want to be really begin with the question “Are you who you want to be on the inside?  The true self as you know it….are you where you want to be?”

This takes a lot of honesty doesn’t it?  I know that sometimes it’s hard to separate certain behaviors from true characteristics.  For example, sometimes I am sad….but it doesn’t mean that I am a sad person all the time.  But I bet if I practiced being sad all the time, I would soon be a sad person.  Another example:  sometimes I exhibit behaviors of being ‘lazy’ when it comes to writing.  (I know that, and might as well admit it.  It is so much easier to do something else, sometimes.)  But I also know, based on a lot of past behaviors, I am not a lazy person.  But again, if I continually practiced that behavior, I might very well become lazy.

Then I began to ask myself some deeper questions:

  • How WOULD I characterize my inner self?
  • What description would I give to myself, no matter what I appear to be on the outside?
  • What behaviors might have lead me to that characterization?
  • Am I satisfied with the answer to “Are you who you want to be?” on the inside?  (That’s the big question.)
  • If there is something I’d like to change, improve upon, maximize, solidify, then can I?  Do I know how?  (If you change behaviors consistently, then you can change the ‘who’).  This quote relates to that:
    • We are what we repeatedly do.
      Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

      — Aristotle

Pretty deep stuff, but it’s a good thing to take some time to think through this in our busy, crazy, information overload days!  Good luck on YOUR journey.

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