About Me

As I mentioned in the first blog, I am 60.

I am still in the corporate world and for that reason, as much as I would like to, I can’t share my name with you.  But I will.  As soon as I have accomplished my goals, I will publish it all over the world wide web.  For now, the company I work for may not be happy to know that I am taking control of my own destiny, and it may not include them.

I can tell you I am married.  I have two beautiful and wonderful daughters from my first marriage (yes, there have been more than one) and they have blessed me with four precious grandchildren.  I adore them all.  My primary motivation for this journey is to be at a place in life that will allow me to either be closer to them, or have a lifestyle that allows me to see them A LOT!

When I married my wife, she brought with her three precious children of her own and they all live with us.  We are a blended family, and I can say that this is one that works!  A blessing from God, right there.

My philosophy for this ‘blog’ will be to add value so that all that read it, and care to follow along, can gain something more from it.  A better world through a better internet!  That’s why you will not see a lot of advertising on this site.  Sure, a few maybe, just to help support the goal, but you will not be bombarded with ads even if you graciously give me your email address.   I will treat you like I do all my friends….with respect.

I am sure I will add more, but that’s enough for now.