A Journey-Mine

July 10th, 2012-Today I am 60.

This is important because I am in the process of reinventing my life.

Before you get the wrong impression, please know that I have had a good life.  Much like yours I’m sure, it has been full of joys, excitement, days of pure dullness, and some of disappointment and emotional and physical pain.  So when I say I am reinventing myself, please don’t get the wrong impression.  I have a beautiful, loving and supportive wife, fabulous (and healthy) children and grandchildren, a loving family, a good job and good friends.  I am grateful for all the wonderful blessings that I am fortunate to have.

So why would someone who has that as a description for his life need reinvention?

Excellent question.

There are a number of reasons:

1.  I have dreams that are still inside me that I have to pursue. 

Those dreams are what will lead me to an even better life, because I know that even if I never fully achieve those dreams, the mere act of stretching for them will make me (and my life) better.

2. I am pretty tired of letting someone else ‘call the shots’. 

Here is what has happened… (And remember as I list this, I am NOT complaining.  Remember, I am grateful for what I have).   I have been unemployed on too many occasions at the whim of some corporate edict to ‘cut costs’.  I have been unemployed during some of those times for many months at a time.  I have had to take jobs that have been not much of a challenge and that have taken me far away from my family, because I needed the work.

At one point, I lost every physical possession  I owned except what I was wearing at the time, as I experienced what can best be described as a “ringside seat to the Wrath of God”…Hurricane Katrina.

I have been married and divorced more times than I care to admit.

I have been diagnosed with adult onset diabetes.

I have lost people that I loved.

All of that…all of those life experiences…have brought me to this point:

1.  I am living 1200 miles away from children and grandchildren that I love and miss dearly.

2.  I have been seeking jobs that are closer to where they live, without success thus far, and have come to the realization that corporations are “reluctant’ to hire a sixty year old man, discrimination laws notwithstanding.

3.  I have God-given talents, abilities and purposes that I have never fully used or fulfilled.

And that is the reason for my journey. 

I am committed to working on a redirection, a reinvention, of my career and life’s work that will allow me to live a lifestyle of my choice while being able to work from anyplace I choose. 

My goal is that by my birthday one year from today, I will have established myself as a web writer with an income of over $100,000 per year.

You will probably notice that I have not given you my name.  That will have to remain a bit of a mystery for now.  Here’s why.  I am still employed (as I said I have a very good job), and I don’t want my employer to think that I am not grateful for that.  So even though I was brought to my present job with the understanding that it was for a ‘term’ period, I don’t want to shorten that term by broadcasting my name and intents all over the internet.  You understand that, don’t you?

Will you join me as we walk this journey together?  I may need your help.  I may need to reach out to you for assurance that my goal is attainable.  I may need encouragement to keep at it every day.  I know I will need you to help hold me accountable for my commitment.  I will work hard not to disappoint you (and my family; AND myself) and will work to make this happen.

If you would like to receive email updates when I make new entries in this blog, please use the form below. I will let you know about my progress on a regular basis.

Or perhaps you are someone who would also like to embark on your own journey towards reinventing yourself, reinventing your life, reinventing your career. If so I would enjoy hearing from you.  Email me at the ‘Contact Me’ Button below.

I will be posting information about ways to reinvent yourself on this blog as well.  So perhaps you can use it as a source of finding encouragement and helpful info about your reinvention as well.  This will be applicable to anyone wanting to reinvent themselves, but will be especially geared towards folks over 50 and over 60.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.


  • Craig Percasky says:

    Hi , I have had similar experience’s with employment during my years , I will be 50 next year and here in New Zealand as most probably anywhere it becomes harder to find stable employment . I have no formal trade qualifications n have spent most of my life in a No of labouring or Truck driving positions .
    My body has taken a hammering over the years and it is time to re-invent myself as I still have dreams n aspirations of remaining active and gainfully earning money to support myself , my children n having a life of enjoyment with my partner .
    Maybe you will have some idea’s that you are able to share and maybe I may have a idea or two to share with you .
    I wish you all the best with what must seem a huge task ahead of you .
    Regards Craig

    • cigar1 says:

      You are right, sir. It is a huge and daunting task. One day we will look back and be satisfied with our efforts….as long as we are willing to step up to the plate every day and make that effort.

      Best of luck with your journey, and keep me posted.

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