Where does it all go?

We get so busy and then stop one day and ask “Where does it all go?  All the time?  All the effort? ” I had to ask that question today as … Continue Reading →

We are not alone!

I know….it sounds like an ad for a movie about aliens.  But no, this post is more about something we know all too well….ourselves. I have been absent from my … Continue Reading →

Are You Who You Want to Be?

October 27, 2912 As I mentioned in a previous blog, I often listen to a Podcast done by Michael Hyatt.  You can get to his website by clicking here, and … Continue Reading →

Fear of Failing

I have often asked myself what holds people back?  And by “people” I mean me.  I know I like to write and have been told by some folks that I write well.  … Continue Reading →

Mark Twain should have been a blogger

October 2, 2012 Can you imagine what Mark Twain would think about today’s writing world?  What would he post in his blog?  I know that if he was a blogger, … Continue Reading →

Getting stuck

September 17, 2012 Okay, I admit it.  I sort of got stuck over the past couple of weeks.  As much as I talk about this in the previous posts, sometimes … Continue Reading →

The Power of Focus-Part 2

The Power of Focus-Part 2 How to Focus for Success In a previous post, I talked about (and amply illustrated) how easy it is to get distracted, especially if you … Continue Reading →

The Power of Focus

August 19, 2012 Like all children growing up during the ‘50s and ‘60s, I had to find ways to entertain myself. One of my favorite things was to use a … Continue Reading →

Embracing (not resisting) Change

August 6, 2012   I heard a pretty incredible statistic yesterday.  The number of Worldwide Internet users has doubled in the last five years, adding another 1.12 billion people.  The … Continue Reading →

July 28, 2012-Inspiration from an Actor?

If you knew me well, you would know that I don’t admire very many actors or actresses.  Most of the “Hollywood Types” have never been very good role models for … Continue Reading →